Translight fabric for backdrop

This summer Jo Schramm a well known german set designer wanted to try out our new Translight fabric. We got his feedback the other week along with some photos of his set design. His comment was, “This works great live! Thanks alot!”

This was achieved by printing on both sides of our Translight fabric in one seamless piece 11 x 8 m or (36 by 26 feet). Different prints on respective side of the Translight fabric, in this case a day version and a night version of the same artwork enabled many more different looks on stage with the one and same backdrop than what would have been the case with your standard backdrop.

If it wasn’t for our one and only Infinitus printer that can achive one piece prints up to 12×50 meters the end result would have been soiled by visible seams when lit from behind.

Thank you Jo Schramm for helping us show this with your nice set design!