Seamless backdrop a success on the world’s stages

PRESS RELEASE, 3 November 2015
Translight Fabric uses a new technique to print on the front and back of fabric with perfect matching and no joins. This opens up new opportunities for set designers to create backdrops that provide colour, depth and realistic transitions between day and night – simply by changing the lighting.

Behind the Translight Fabric is Sweden’s Big Image, a pioneer in large format communication and the only company in the world that can seamlessly print 12×50 metre images on cotton fabric.

“It can be difficult to achieve smooth lighting changes on stage. Seams, shadows and reflections distract from the performance, particularly with backlighting,” says Lars Franzén, CEO of Big Images. “But the fact that Translight Fabric is so large, seamless and made from reflection-free cotton avoids those problems. It becomes a whole different experience!”

One of the first to put Translight Fabric to the test was set designer Jo Schramm at the Opéra National de Lorraine in Nancy, France.

“It gives a fantastic sense of depth on stage, with no seams or shadows. It works perfectly, it really does,” commented Jo, straight after the premiere of opera Armide, which made use of Translight Fabric Day-to-Night.

It is Big Image’s unique printer Infinitus that makes Translight Fabric possible. Matching an image on the front and back of the fabric allows the option of lighting one or both sides and provides new opportunities to reproduce colours and shades. And with Translight Fabric Day-to-Night, which has a daytime image on one side and a matching night-time image on the other, for the first time ever it is possible to create realistic transitions between day and night. Find out more about Translight Fabric and see images and examples on stage at