Lighting & print installation with underwater theme

At the Maritime Museum of Stockholm there is now a playroom with a theme of an underwater world. Big Image was chosen to help creating the beautiful ceiling. 60 sqm of printed fabric was fixed to an aluminium frame, made at Big Image in Täby, Sweden, by our aluminium constructors. The frame was then mounted to the ceiling to form a view of watching the ocean from below. The image for the artwork was captured by marine archaeologists outside of Gotland in Sweden.

The background for the project was that the Maritime Museum wanted to build a completely new playroom for their youngest visitors. It will suit its purpose for about ten years. To make this long-term installation they contacted Big Image as well as lighting designers to produce the ocean surface. One of the challenges was that ships were going to be fastened to the ceiling through the fabric. As you can see it went well!

Here you can visit Blubb.

Blubb at Maritime Museum in Stockholm before renovation

This is what the ceiling looked like before the renovation.

Blubb at Maritime Museum in Stockholm with boat

And this is what it looked like afterwards!

Blubb at Maritime Museum in Stockholm with fish

Intriguing underwater experience created by fabric and lighting.

Blubb at Maritime Museum in Stockholm with Flotsam Interior

Big Image building decor for the Maritime Museum in Stockholm

We always test mount large images for aluminium frames and lightboxes.