Rickard Eskilsson new CEO for Big Image Systems

Rickard Eskilsson was appointed the new CEO for Big Image Systems AB in December, 2016.

Johanna Schäfer, owner and board member of Big Image, has this to say about the change of CEO:

“It is very exciting that Rickard Eskilsson is taking over as CEO at Big Image. Rickard has been with us for a long time as Production Manager and has experience regarding the entire company. That alone makes him a great asset in our future development. He will manage the Big Image spirit that we have and want to preserve,” says Johanna.

Rickard joined Big Image in 2008 as Production Manager and has previously worked at Flextronics in Poland as Logistics Manager and also operated his own business within production for several years. He has vast experience in production, both small and large scale, and many years of experience in product development.

“It will be incredibly exciting to move forward now that the challenge is to offer unique products and solutions, with short lead times and with the right quality and price. This will partly be done through investments in new equipment and systems, but also by investing in enhanced skills and promoting and carrying the Big Image spirit further and making it even stronger,” says Rickard.

Rickard’s focus will be on product and service development and innovation based on today’s needs and market trends both in Sweden and internationally.