Printed Wings & Big Image

10 years ago, Remi Campbell Jones and Lars Lundberg got in contact with Big Image discussing the idea of being able to print on paragliders. They knew that the potential of this project was huge for the extreme sport industry, but at this point of time printing on thin nylon fabric was not possible.

But five years later Big Image contacted Remi and Lars following up on the idea and because we wanted to develop our know how / experience into new markets. With the help of Paramania (paramotoring brand) we together were able to begin test printing on this specialized fabric. After extensive testing of different types of specialized fabrics, the print results were finally stable, consistent, durable and looked absolutely fantastic. Printed Wings Ltd was then able to be born!


What does the future look like?
The future looks bright! We’ve had lots of interest in our product from multiple paragliding brands, as well as other markets using similar fabrics looking to propose our printing services to their customers. The first customer type understanding the potential in flying with full printed canopy was B2B clients. Now companies can fly the whole campaign, instead of a logotype limited in size. We are expecting to see more & more advertised air shows using printed wings around the world, check out:

What do you think about Big Image as a supplier?
We’ve had an incredible experience working with Big Image in developing the printing process to create a premium product that has never been seen before in the extreme sports industry. Big Image is worldwide renowned to be a pioneer within complexed printing and breaking the path for new technology.
We together are the 1st in the world to be able to print on this type of fabric and that speaks for itself.


Our project has been a joint venture; without Big Image, it would not have been possible to develop our product into this market. We are aiming to open new horizons with our technology. Together we are going to make many extreme sports addicts very happy with their beautiful equipment.