Printed Marble Floor

An eye catching art installation with unexpected effects encountered the visitors at The Formex Fair, which is the largest fair for design and interior in Stockholm. Malin Marceau is a designer at the Stockholm Fair and one in the team behind the installation. The design team wanted to create something that people would get drawn into, not only something they would observe from a distance. To achieve this, round shapes where hung from the ceiling and an effect floor was created.

Big Image was contacted to provide a solution for the effect floor. We printed a fabric with the pattern of the authentic marble floor in the entrance. Then the printed fabric was mounted to a thick soft material. The desired effect was to create something unexpected and a bit of confusion. Designer Malin tells us that it was great watching the reaction of the visitors, believing they would walk onto hard marble, but discover that it’s soft! This was a creative and fun project with a great challenge throughout the production, from color matching, cutting and creating the pieces of the floor to the pattern fitting in the end.