Printed carpet for a virtual exhibition

We are entering a time in which the impossible must be made possible and where the virtual and physical worlds slowly merge together. For a most unique exhibition set in the north of Sweden, Big Image got the opportunity to print carpets for one of our most contemporary artists, Bella Rune.

Bella Rune is an inspiring and brave artist who, through her exhibition “THE SOFTWARE MIMICRY – IMPACT ASSESSEMENTS 2.0”, truly managed to make the combination of virtual and physical a perfect reality. She makes the impossible possible and creates magical worlds for you to discover. Magical worlds only to be entered when combining a real life object, like a printed carpet, with modern technology, like your own smart phone.

Big Image fick i uppdrag att printa mattor med speciella motiv till utställningen. Motiv som sedan blir triggers för den mobilapplikation framtagen för ändamålet.

Through an application created for your smart phone you will be able to experience a room full of wolfs, fire, monsters and other magical object in the virtual world whilst the physical one continues to be just a room of empty carpets.