FlexiT for Auto Trade Fair 2017

Tada IT was in need of an exhibition stand for the Auto Trade Fair 2017 and with the help of FlexiT we made them this! Tada IT have made the business system EONTYRE which simplifies all handling and administration when working with the tire and wheel service. The system is completely web based and keeps […]

Combining lightboxes with digital screens

We often get questions about the strength of visual communication through printed large format images on fabric versus large format digital screens.  But we don’t see digital screens as a threat, we have always seen it as a great added value to large format printing – and we have done several successful projects where printed images […]

The Tender Land

– Vibrant Fabric Prints Achieve Realistic Imagery on a Grand Scale – When Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT) decided to reprise Aaron Copeland’s “The Tender Land,” Scenic Designer Monika Essen began developing a theatrical design that used photographic realism on a somewhat exaggerated scale. The March 2016 MOT performances were based on a major revival of […]

Spegelfolie för effekt

Inför uppsättningen av Maskeradbalen ville scenografen ha tapetserade väggar i spegelfolie, där tanken var att spegeleffekten skulle ge ytterligare djup i ytan. I scenografin var man ute efter en mörk, patinerad känsla där det ut mot kanterna skulle bli helt svart, men tapeten skulle samtidigt upplevas glansig och levande.

Banners for World’s largest indoor curling event

By placing all banners under the ice is how Svenska Curlingförbundet | Swedish Curling Association transformed ”Göransson Arena” into the world’s largest indoor curling arena, when celebrating their 100th anniversary, with 24 curling sheets and 118 teams with a total number of 520 players competing!

1000 sqm to the Obelisk in Stockholm!

The obelisk in central of Stockholm is getting a renovation and before Christmas Big Image covered it with a total of almost 1000 squaremeter of fabric, and the fabric weighted hundred of kilos! We had contact with a weather company in Sweden for several days to get information about how windy it was going to be in the evenings, and finally there was a calmer night and we were able to install it all. We’re very proud of our installation team!

DreamHack Winter 2016

DreamHack Winter recently took place in Sweden, and the event is growing for each year. This year DreamHack Winter was visited by more than 50 000 persons, of which 23 400 were unique units and 10 000 visitors were coming to DreamHack with their own computer! During 72h e-sport is played all day long. Worldwide E-sports are growing in incredible rate, and since 2010 Sweden has sent DreamHack Winter live on one of the biggest TV-channels.