Big Image introduces Infinitus 2 – World’s largest digital printer for printing on soft materials!

Welcome to a new generation of seamless, large image experiences! Big Image is launching its second, in-house-produced Infinitus machine, which is unique in the world for digital printing on soft materials. Infinitus 2 prints 600 square metres seamlessly, which corresponds to approximately 12×50 metres. Work on an additional machine began in early 2016, and the […]

Rickard Eskilsson new CEO for Big Image Systems

Rickard Eskilsson was appointed the new CEO for Big Image Systems AB in December, 2016. Johanna Schäfer, owner and board member of Big Image, has this to say about the change of CEO: “It is very exciting that Rickard Eskilsson is taking over as CEO at Big Image. Rickard has been with us for a […]

We are hiring

Do you work with theater, opera or event and love to meet people and make new contacts? Do you love working with creativity and making the set experience come true? Are you looking for a new challenge in sales? We are looking for a new German/English speaking sales representative with Berlin as a working base.   Call […]

It’s all about testing…!

Five years ago we introduced Infinitus printing 600 squaremeter seamless. Soon Infinitus 2 is ready for its first work but right now it’s all about testing and bringing over 1500 kg of steel and 500 meter of cables to life!

Lars Wallin – Fashion stories at Artipelag

Lars Wallin is celebrating 25 years as a designer by bringing the acclaimed exhibition Lars Wallin – Fashion Stories to Artipelag. The exhibition includes many of his latest dresses and also stage costumes that have never been shown before. The visitors get the opportunity to follow his creative process from idea to sketch and then […]

FlexiT for Auto Trade Fair 2017

Tada IT was in need of an exhibition stand for the Auto Trade Fair 2017 and with the help of FlexiT we made them this! Tada IT have made the business system EONTYRE which simplifies all handling and administration when working with the tire and wheel service. The system is completely web based and keeps […]

Combining lightboxes with digital screens

We often get questions about the strength of visual communication through printed large format images on fabric versus large format digital screens.  But we don’t see digital screens as a threat, we have always seen it as a great added value to large format printing – and we have done several successful projects where printed images […]