New in-store experiences with light boxes

Peak Performance and Big Image initiated their cooperation in 2015. Since then, the look of Peak Performance’s stores has changed dramatically. Visual Merchandise (VM) specialist, Hanna Lindblom, is mainly responsible, along with her “In-store experience team” for developing the new look.

“The introduction of light boxes in our stores created a new and striking visual impact for our customers. The light makes the images come alive in a completely new way and the visual element attracts customers. It’s a simple and effective way to deliver our message,”says Hanna.

Hanna has been working with Peak Performance for a little over five years and began working at the office in Amsterdam. As a VM specialist it is important that creativity is always in focus because no day is ever the same in an industry that is constantly moving in new directions.


Working with a retail chain like Peak Performance requires innovative and effective solutions as well as attention to details. The well-known clothing company is making fantastic progress around the world, and in order to match their development Big Image has to find creative and exciting solutions. We don’t have the luxury of resting on our laurels. We have to communicate and ensure delivery security and also have a real understanding for our client’s needs and desires and make sure these are implemented in our work.

“We have tested a lot of different suppliers but have never really felt completely satisfied. In the past there were missteps in both communication and the end result, but with Big Image things have really worked extremely well. It is a major plus that the company is located in Stockholm, but what really made us choose them is their speed, flexibility and the quality that they have delivered to our stores. There is also something very personal about our cooperation and I like the fact that Big Image constantly strives to gain a better understanding of our brand,” explains Hanna.