Mirror foil for effect

Photo: Katja Tauberman

To the stage setting of “Un Ballo in Maschera” the scenographer wanted to decorate the walls with mirror foil, with the thought of giving the walls a little more depth thanks to the mirror effect. In the scenography they wanted to give the walls a dark, patinated feeling, where it towards the edges would be painted all black, but at the same time it was important that the wallpaper would be experienced as lively and glossy. The digital original was a small pattern report of each wallpaper, and Big Image had to start off by making it into a repetitive pattern. The choice of not printing the color directly onto the mirror foil was because of the risk of not being able to correct the patinated but at the same time lively color they wanted afterwards, and the effect of the mirror foil was very important. After the pattern was printed they chose to hand paint it with thin bright colors, which maintained the effects of the mirror foil’s surface.

Together with the “Malmö Opera” we needed to find I mirror foil suitable for everyone’s needs, because we didn’t have mirror foil in our standard range of materials. It needed to: be able to print on, easy to put up, be able to paint on and of affordable cost. This is a great example of combining digital printed technique with hand painting, and the result became beautiful!

Photo: Malin Arnesson