Meeting with South pole & voting for carbon credits

During our latest monthly meeting at Big Image we got a visit from South pole. Southpole is a company that focuses on providing carbon credits for companies via sustainability projects. Big Image has bought carbon credits since 2010 and today we are a so-called climate neutral company. In a sentence, buying carbon credits means that companies, and private persons, invest in projects in developing countries to globally decrease CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. Since emissions are comparably low in our part of the world, you get more improvement for the carbon credits by focusing on the developing countries. Learn more by checking out this video from Southpole or read more on their website.

Meeting with Southpole at Big Image

During the meeting we were introduced to the projects we as a company could invest in. The whole staff got to vote and since the result was equal between two projects, we decided to go for both!

The first one is the Paradigm Project in Kenya. It engaged us all to realise that something as crucial as cooking can have such serious consequences on our climate and health. Most Kenyan households cook on traditional energy consuming stoves that demand large amounts of fuel leading to de-foresting. The harmful smoke is being inhaled by the people as well as creating greenhouse gasses. The Paradigm project is as genius as it is efficient. By distributing energy efficient stoves that demand 50% less fuel to the households, up to 70% of toxic gasses are being reduced! And less fuel means less expenses for the families and the money can be spent on essentials such as food and educational fees.

The second project we decided to go for is the Kariba REDD+ Forest Protection in Zimbabwe. The project started in 2011 and has since then protected 785,000 hectares of rainforest! And the benefits are vast: besides preventing emissions from over 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, 85,000 people have gained personal benefits in forms of jobs and health improvement.

Would you like to know what you as a private person can do? Check out this page: