LED light boxes with prints to Peak Performance

Today we are proud to announce that Peak Performance have chosen Big Image as their main supplier of light boxes and large format prints for their campaigns and retail stores, all over the world.

Together with Big Image Peak Performance have now kicked off their winter campaign Deydron at their Stockholm and Copenhagen flagship stores. With a bespoke, curved, LED light box, placed in one of the window displays at Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm, they really own the street. The light box is magnificent at 510×452 cm and also the largest light box that Big Image built so far! The image, printed on Artist Heavy, looks amazing and the design has everything from vivid colors, clean surroundings and a truly cool clearview foil added in front creating a brilliant 3D effect. On top of this the light box itself has been coated with a layer of black lacquer, making it absolutely top notch stylish.

A piece of art and a great start for a successful campaign and a fruitful future of working together.