Large format printing for interior project

White Arkitekter AB expects all the parties involved in their interior projects, including suppliers, to be just as focused as they are on the importance of the end result.

“The end result and pleasing the client are what count. This is what we always have in the back of our minds when we choose our suppliers for a project. There has to be good, direct communication and we need to speak the same language,” says Tomas Landfeldt, interior architect and project manager at White Arkitekter AB.

When Autodesk bought up the game engine maker Bitsquid, it prompted a move into new premises on Repslagargatan in Södermalm, Stockholm. Achieving the interior look and feel that the office needed was going to take an expert eye, and so prestigious architectural practice White Arkitekter AB was brought in.

“It was an exciting project to take on – this is a creative video game development company and their headquarters really needed to reflect that. Our aim was to make sure the creative and social element was at the heart of it all, as a way to instil a real sense of being in the middle of the gaming action,” explains Tomas.


“When we take on a project like this, we always begin by sitting down with the client and finding out about their needs and their brand. It’s essential to take the time to fully understand the client’s reality, so we can deliver a result that lives up to expectations. Our task is then to create a reflection of this in physical form,” adds Magnus Lindgren, also an interior architect and project manager at White Arkitekter AB.


“Over the course of the project, we were lucky enough to get to work with the artist Oskar Aglert, whose contribution was to create the background image that now surrounds the room like a stage backdrop, accentuating the sense of being immersed in the game. And this was where Big Image entered the picture. The image that needed printing was huge, and so naturally Big Image came to mind,” says Magnus.

“Big Image has the ability to deliver good quality and a friendly service, which means that if a problem crops up, we can solve it together. When you think of Big Image, you think of scale, speed and breadth, but what really seals the deal is that they can print any subject matter you want. That’s particularly important in ensuring that the visual interpretation we produce with the artist matches the client’s expectations as closely as possible,” Tomas and Magnus agree.