Introducing B.I.T.N.!

“Ultimately one has to pity these poor souls who know every secret about writing, directing, designing, producing, and acting but are stuck in those miserable day jobs writing reviews. Will somebody help them, please?”

– David Ives

Conjured by the minds of Big Image Systems U.S. Team, BITN celebrates all aspects of production, exploring what it truly takes for the show to go on. BITN is a new network devoted to those creative, visionary, hardworking, wonderful, stressed out, over-caffeinated women and men across the country who commit every waking moment to creating theatre.

Each month, B.I.T.N. offers a platform, a voice and a window into all things production including;

– Spotlights on the people and theatre companies across the U.S. bringing live performance to their communities.

– In-depth features on individual productions and programs.

– Informative articles and videos on theatrical products and techniques.

– A peek at some of the best theatrical tech out there.

And much more…

Our Design Forum

Features the insights and work of scenic artists from around the country, with links to their portfolio’s and contact information…

Check out Backdrops By B.I.T.N.

A new way for theatres and designers to buy, (and soon rent!), backdrops for their upcoming seasons…

B.I.T.N.’s YouTube Channel

Will be filled with video interviews and informative tutorials. And you can also sign up for the B.I.T.N. Twitter feed to be constantly updated on all these topics and to connect to other theatre professionals throughout the network.