Human sized paper doll with outfits!

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Figuring out what to do for someone who turns 50 years old, but doesn’t want any birthday gifts, can be hard. If you work at Big Image on the other hand, it is easy to get inspired and come up with creative ideas. The person celebrating his 50th birthday was photographed under false circumstances, printed and equipped with five outfits – as a paper doll!

This human sized paper doll is printed on a thick paper, and then fixed on die cut cardboard. The outfits are printed on the same paper material, with a back of adhesive film for stability and flexibility. The outfits have white tabs, just as on the classic paper dolls, which are folded backwards on the doll and fastened by Velcro tape. Everything was packed in a large bag and transported by train to the party in Dalarna, Sweden.

Obviously, the paper doll became a success! During the birthday party the doll was introduced and dressed in his paper clothes: a nice suit, his favourite football team kit, a classic golf outfit, a wrestler tank top, and a ”The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” outfit (!).

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Priscilla outfit for paper doll

Paper Doll with football kit with employeePaper Doll with golfer outfit with employee

Paper doll with classic suitPaper doll with wrestling outfit

Front side of paper doll with Priscilla outfitBackside of paper doll