Got Pipe & Base? Meet Kedar & Clamps.

Happening Now: The demand for hydrid and virtual events is skyrocketing at the same time budgets are shrinking and new safety requirements are limiting the size of crews and the time available for set-up, production and tear-down.

Good News: For years, Big Image Systems has been helping clients optimize the use of existing pipe and base hardware by combining it with our Kedar and Clamp system! This tried-and-true, blended approach allows you to quickly and easily transform any space into a dynamic environment–and it’s perfect for hybrid event and video and film production.

  • Minimal Tools Needed
  • Replaces Truss and hard Flats
  • Create Straight or Curved Walls
  • Single or Double-Sided Setup
  • Unique Clamp Design Allows for Long Seamless Walls

Double-sided clamps bolt quickly to the top and bottom of your pipe & base uprights to securely hold a lightweight Kedar aluminum-with-Velcro profile. The clamps hold the Kedar away from the upright, so you can Velcro seamless backdrops in minutes without worrying about getting around the pole!

Kedar can be straight or custom-curved, single or double-sided. It lets you go as tall as your uprights can extend. And…with Big Image’s one-of-a-kind INFINITUS family of printers, hanging seamless prints taller than five meters is a breeze.

With Kedar and Clamps from Big Image Systems, creating dynamic sets and studios for Hybrid and Live Events is a snap. Hang anything; digitally printed backdrops, Chroma-Key screens, cycloramas, projection screens and anything else you need to make an impact.

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