Flexibility with the Flexit display system

When the procurement process for the Red Cross exhibition in Geneva was completed, it was decided that Big Image Systems, with the flexible display system, Flexit, was the right choice for the job.

“We looked at what was available on the market that could meet our requirements,” says Stefan Agerhem, senior adviser and project manager for the initiative, Volunteering in Conflict and Emergencies.


The exhibition was presented in the autumn of 2015 to show the initiative, Volunteering in Conflict and Emergencies, during the International Red Cross and Red Crescent conference in Geneva, where 190 different member countries participated. It is one of the largest Flexit projects that Big Image has carried out, and according to Stefan, the system’s flexibility was an important part in the preparation of the exhibition.


“Instead of just doing something with a classic roll-up we wanted to create a real experience. It is not an easy task to convey the feeling of the work of volunteers assisting in a conflict or disaster situation. Being able to walk into the exhibition, to touch and smell things and get a feeling of what is happening and learning something new is very important. But by creating a room within a room, we can pass on some of what the volunteers face in their reality. Visitors see life-size images of people and have a significantly more realistic experience. In addition, it is important that you really have the ability to screen-off any possible distractions around the exhibition, and it is not possible to do this with a simple roll-up,” says Stefan.

Re-usability, thinking more about how the Red Cross would be able to re-use what was purchased, was, as previously mentioned, an important factor, and according to Stefan, Flexit fulfils this need extremely well.

“The good thing with Flexit is that now we can divide the exhibition and re-use all the components in new ways and in new forms. In addition, it is now possible to complement it with everything from new images to new Flexit components. This system is a long-term solution; we can replace components when we want,” says Stefan.
Developing a project like this is always a challenge, but thanks to good communication between the Red Cross and Big Image, the result was a success.

“The work with Big Image worked very well and flexibility is one of the underlying and recurring themes. We started with a simple sketch and explained what we wanted to do. Lena from Big Image took the idea and created something concrete out of it. We appreciated the fact that Big Image worked innovatively and actively to constantly find the right solutions. We are looking forward to working together with Big Image again in the future. I felt that the exhibition became a joint project,” concludes Stefan.