First Community Cinema in Gambia!

Elias & Aida from Sofanyama Kunda

The first Community Cinema in Gambia is about to become reality! Earlier this week Aida and Elias from Sofanyama Kunda were at Big Image to pick up a cinema screen that Elias will bring to Gambia in the middle of December. Sofanyama Kunda is a platform for music, culture and art located in Kembujeh, Gambia. We love how the founder, Aida, is expressing her passion about Sofanyama Kunda:

“I have always been passionate about people’s ability to change themselves and others through creativity and I believe that through an established space for culture to thrive we can reach for societal milestones and benefits for the community”

More information will come about this exciting project!
Read more about the Community Cinema Project:


Caption: “Sofanyama Kunda thanks Big Image Systems for the sewn cinema screen that makes it possible to start Gambia’s only Community Cinema in the village Kembujeh.”