DreamHack Summer 16

What in the ’90’s began with a small bunch of friends playing computer games in the basement has now developed into the world’s largest festival for computer enthusiasts. DreamHack Summer 2016 was visited by 50,850 visitors between 18-21 June at Elmia in Jönköping, and soon it’s time for DreamHack Winter 2016 November 24-27, with 50,000 more expected visitors!

Christoffer Melin, Head of Events at DreamHack, says that printed images play an important role in making the events more vivid and visually striking. Printing about 3500 square meters for every DreamHack festival in Jönköping, the event has a variety of print processes and materials to lend diversity to the final effect. Big Image’s role is to make every print look spectacular and be on time in the right place — a critical role for an event like DreamHack.


“For DreamHack it is important to work with companies that are solution-oriented and alert. We often have tight deadlines and large quantities of prints to our festivals. Knowing that we have an open and honest relationship with our suppliers is important to get all the material on time, while getting awesome quality of the products we order.”

Christoffer describes the cooperation with Big Image in the project as simple, honest and with astonishing project management and describes Big Image as an innovative company where nothing is impossible.