Curtain made out of American Mesh (Gobelin)

Big Image never shies away from a challenge. We like to embrace challenges and improve our understanding of our business and find new solutions for our clients.

To further train our apprentices and challenge our experienced employees, we created a theatrical gauze project workshop. The cotton gauze, also known as scrim, American Mesh, or Gobelin fabric is famous for its ability to hide what’s behind it when lit from the front.

The workshop’s goal was to print “endless” images on this material, with a width of 10 meters whilst keeping highest quality.

The idea for the workshop was hatched when technical director of Opera Berlin, Mr. Rowedder, came to us and asked for a curtain made out of American Mesh. We thought this would make a good challenge for ourselves to find out and then improve on our own technology. Mr. Rowedder’s design motif was exclusively black vertical stripes in mathematically equal distances.

Thanks to some print innovations and a clever design the gauze turned out beautifully with impressive geometric shapes, colors and projections. To get gauze to hang straight on the sides without curving is usually a challenge, but thanks to our RolliT inserts both sides of the gauze and ‘tent pegs’ reached a perfect result. Thanks to our workshop, we’re now happy to say we have an even better solution offer our clients.

As ever, we at Big Image are always looking for ways to further enrich in our knowledge of printing textiles and fabric.