Covering The Grand Hôtel

The classic Grand Hôtel in Stockholm established in 1874 is undergoing a facade renovation. In collaboration with façade renovation specialists Stark Fasad, Big Image have covered the entire Grand Hôtel facade, where all of the renovation work takes place behind the images.

The image is a rendering of how the finished facade is going to look like after the work is completed. The project included rendering of artwork to fit the scaffolding, to printing and finishing the nearly 2,000 square feet of vinyl mesh and of course also installing the huge pieces of fabric at the Grand Hôtel with the help of the Big Image installation team.

The aim of the facade renovation is to return the façade to Grand Hôtel’s origin. The current red color is replaced with the original color of “light ocher”, and the house also got new stucco and facade decorations.

The result of the facade coverage became really spectacular, which was noted in several Swedish newspapers. We are very proud to have been a part of this massive project!