The Colorful journey of Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén

The Gudrun Sjödén exhibit is on display at Edsvik Konsthall from February 10 to March 25, 2018.

It’s been 40 years since Gudrun’s first collection saw the light of day. The company has grown from a small family business into a group of companies with around 400 employees. The exhibition takes a look at how Gudrun Sjödén’s characteristic clothing has developed over the years.

At Edsvik Konsthall, we get to learn about Gudrun Sjödén’s work process: from inspiration, designing the collections and creating the catalogues to marketing online. Gudrun Sjödén opened her first store in downtown Stockholm, Sweden, in 1976. With their unique patterns, bold colors and pure natural materials, the collections were an immediate success. Gudrun Sjödén has received numerous awards as a designer and entrepreneur, and has been at the top of Swedish fashion brand exports for several years.

“Our colorful customers are all over the world. They are strong, self-actualized women who express their personalities. We want to inspire women to make a statement and be seen. I love contrasts and surprising combinations. Using only pure natural materials. This has been my passion and my concept for over 40 years,” says Gudrun Sjödén, owner, CEO and chief designer.

If you’re visiting Stockholm, Sweden, take the opportunity to visit this exhibition and take part of Swedish Design culture!

Getting the opportunity to produce Gudrun Sjödén’s beautiful patterns is something we’re very proud of at Big Image, and the client was very happy by the result and the color reproduction of the patterns.