Ceiling installments at Moderna Museet in Stockholm

In prior to the exhibition Olafur Eliasson: Reality machines it was time for Moderna Museet to create rooms within the room, and the installment of ceilings in various heights was assigned to Big Image. In collaboration with the Architecture and Design Centre (ArkDes), Moderna Museet finally opened its doors to a comprehensive exhibition by Olafur Eliasson, one our most prominent contemporary artists.

“Components such as space, movement, light, and color are always central in his exhibitions. However, the spectator is also a key component as he or she, through participation, becomes part of the art,” explains curator Matilda Olof-Ors, Big Image’s contact throughout the project.


Eliasson explores the time and space in which we exist. Sometimes through low-key sculptures and sometimes through major architectural structures. The artwork of Olafur Eliasson is a constant dialogue between ecology, architecture and the urban space, but it also meets with both philosophy and science.

“It’s wonderful that we get the opportunity to work with Moderna Museet. They are highly professional and their strong passion for the art and the artists is always reflected in their work. They truly deliver top-notch exhibitions where every detail has been thought through,” says Lena Andlinger-Bohlin, responsible project manager at Big Image.

Interior projects are becoming increasingly common at Big Image. Today we carry out everything from ceiling installments to printing on rugs and event floors. We also provide specialty products such as sound absorbents and wall decorations, and as always, with any desired image.