BIG at Stage | Set | Scenery 2017

At the fair Stage | Set | Scenery in Berlin 20th-22nd of June, Big Image had world premiere of our new product Translight Magic.

The backdrop image was chosen because of the theme of Translight Magic. We describe the Magic effect as on a crisp winter night at the Arctic Circle the unexpected takes place. The dark sky lights up with vibrant red and green colors. The Northern Light performs its magic right in front of us. We create this experience with Translight Magic, which is one backdrop printed with two different images, in this case the northern light and Infinitus printed on the backside. For more information about Translight Magic, e-mail us at

The ceiling was made out of Molton, which purpose was to block light from above. The carpet and the side walls was also created and printed by Big Image.

We created our own bar desk which was arched and integrated with a lightbox with a day and night-image. When backlit the image gets darker and a glow from the igloo appears, meanwhile the day image is lighter and no light shines through the igloo.

A BIG thank you to everyone visiting our exhibition stand during these days!