Big Image gets to be a part of creative art!

In Uppsala, Sweden, you can walk through this colorful underpass which is decorated with seven big posters printed on adhesive foil. Thousands of school kids from the province of “Uppland” have inspired the artist Erik Hedman. Details and bright colors is something that characterizes Erik Hedman as an artist.

– This underpass has felt very dark. I walked past here and saw that it needed something colorful. I asked the municipality and they agreed, says Erik Hedman.

The images are inspired by stop motion movies created by thousands of school kids all over the province of “Uppland” during the past three years.

– It’s me who has drawn and designed it and “stolen” images and characters created by the children. I have fit their characters from their movies into the drawings, says Erik Hedman.

Big Image thinks it turned out wonderful!

Journalist: Märta Gross Hulth, SVT
Artist: Erik Hedman