Big events require Big Image

What’s the easiest way to cover a whole grandstand with a 1200 m2 printed ad for Audi? This was the question faced by Dohrns Exhibitions & Events AB ahead of the Skiing World Cup 2016 at Hammarbybacken ski resort this year.

Covering a whole grandstand is a costly investment and not one that would usually be made for a one-day event like the World Cup. But for such a prime location in central Stockholm, Audi was keen to make an exception.

“In cases like these, we always turn to Big Image. We’ve worked together for many years and we know that when it comes to really large-scale solutions, Big Image will sort it,” says Stefan Dohrn, owner and CEO of Dohrns Exhibitions & Events AB.

Dohrns is one of Big Image’s oldest customers and together we’ve completed countless jobs, mostly large and some small, for various events. “They’re really on the ball as a customer, which keeps the projects running smoothly and on schedule,” is how Big Image project manager Anneli Jorderud sums up the working relationship with Dohrns.


The company has now also been confirmed as a partner for the event of the year, the Eurovision Song Contest, and Big Image is highly likely to be involved in some way.

“We work with Big Image on an almost daily basis, so we have great joint procedures in place. We speak the same language, so there’s rarely any misunderstanding. At one point, we were barely opening the packages for inspection before sending them off for installation, as we were so confident about the quality,” says Stefan.

“Big Image is all about reliable deliveries, quality and experience, and those are just some of the many reasons why we’ve chosen the company as our go-to supplier of large-scale prints. Price isn’t the main factor – we base our choice of supplier on what works, and the partnership with Big Image works really well.”