Beautiful banners for #nopieceofdirt

Is there an issue you are willing to fight for? Perhaps an injustice that has you vexed? But how, and where, do you make your voice heard above the clamour of opinions? Astrid Lindgren knew. Throughout her life, Astrid Lindgren engaged in issues such as children’s rights, world peace, the environment, animal rights and the natural world. Her voice was strong and she was counted among the most important opinion formers in twentieth-century Sweden. The idea took root of an exhibition about Astrid Lindgren’s engagement in and impact on political discourse and Annmari Kastrup at Actit Kommunikation was contacted to produce the exhibition.

“It is election year in Sweden and we wanted to raise the issue of the democratic discourse and the importance of engaging, of adopting a stance and demonstrating civic courage. Taking Astrid Lindgren’s social engagement as a point of departure, the exhibition seeks to examine what it means to make one’s voice heard and why this is important for a democratic society,” said Karin Eliasson – project manager at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs – to the newspaper Östra Småland Nyheterna.

Initially a working title, #nopieceofdirt became the name of the exhibition. The more the exhibition developed, the more appropriate the working title seemed until, finally, it was adopted as the official name. It is inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s book The Brothers Lionheart, in which Jonathan says, “But there are things you have to do, otherwise you’re not a human being, just a piece of dirt”. Together with the team of producer Annmari Kastrup, designers Anders Rabenius and Anna Asker, graphic designer Karin Brodén and´project manager Karin Eliasson, who came up with the concept, sets were constructed based on three major themes; children’s rights, wildlife and nature and peace, democracy and justice. Each theme has been assigned its own colour – red for children’s rights, turquoise for wildlife and nature and yellow for peace, democracy and justice. The exhibition begins with a film kiosk offering an overview of Astrid Lindgren and then opens out onto the three different themes.

The team decided to build the exhibition using fabric hangings as this made it easy to creates spaces within spaces. Big Image was chosen as the supplier early in the process. Annmari also notes the cost-effectiveness and opportunities for touring the exhibition offered by building room-in-room displays using hangings. A continuously-printed ceiling hanging of over 20 metres in length runs through a large part of the exhibition.

#nopieceofdirt has created a great deal of engagement from a number of schools, with a variety of collaborations around the content of the exhibition, as well as debate and discussion regarding our modern media society, source criticism and how we can make our voices heard.

Annmari is appreciative of the skill demonstrated by Big Image, something that is apparent in both the quality of printing and the dedication of their staff towards the project.

“One always feels in safe hands when working with Big Image.”

The exhibition is produced by Astrid Lindgren’s Näs on behalf of the Foundation for the Preservation of Astrid Lindgren’s Achievements. The main funding for the exhibition comes from the Swedish Postcode Foundation. The exhibition is open from 9 June until 4 November at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs, and will subsequently tour a number of locations around Sweden.

Concept and project management: Karin Eliasson
Producer and project supervisor: Annmari Kastrup, Actit Kommunikation.
Designers: Anders Rabenius & Anna Asker
Graphic designer: Karin Brodén
Text author: Gunhild Wallin
Photography: Örjan Karlsson
Props: Anneli Karlsson
Construction: Fischer Reklamateljé, Markus Eberle AB, Simon Karlsson