Banners on their way to Gambia & SofaCinema!

Banners on their way to Gambia where Sofanyama Kunda’s & SofaCinema’s latest project has launched in October and will last for about 10 months that will entail 50 screenings around Gambia with films that focus on human rights issues which are a priority to the Gambian context. Read more about the project here.

Our partnership with Sofanyama Kunda started almost one year ago when they started off with SofaCinema where Big Image could contribute with project screens and now they have received funding from, among others, the Dutch organisation Movies that Matter (MtM). MtM supports the screening of films that focus on human rights in one way or another and this will be the first time that they support a project in the Gambia.

SofaCinema makes it possible to reach the community with educational videos that can raise awareness concerning a wide range of topics, from health, environment, human rights, climate change etc. Read more about SofaCinema here.