Your ideas and projects are the guiding principles. Our major concern is to realize your vision and help you to find the best solution and implementation possible. Please feel free to contact us using the form below. For information regarding the submission of the artwork, please look further down the page, we will guide you!


About your artwork

  • Create your print files in the CMYK color space, because other color spaces will be converted, which can lead to color shifts
  • Make sure all the text is converted to paths, every linked artwork are embedded and every layer is reduced to a background layer.
  • Do not use 100% black (100/100/100/100 or 00/00/00/100) but a black build up from four colors (91/79/62/97)
  • Pixel images as well as vector graphics should always be created at a scale of 1:1 or 1:10

Technical Sheet PDF



In terms of our preferred file formats, we distinguish between two types of print data: pixel and vector graphics. Make sure that vector graphics are saved in PDF (Acrobat version 1.5 or higher) or EPS format and that every transparencies are reduced. We prefer pixel-based images in TIFF, PSD or JPEG format. Please make sure that all layers are reduced to one (background) layer and choose unique file names for your data. All print data should also be saved in the CMYK color profile “ISO coated Fogra39” to avoid color shifts.


We can help!

If you have any further questions regarding data creation, we are of course at your disposal. We can also take care of various processes for you, such as scanning originals, creating layouts, making color adjustments or retouching images. You can reach our senior graphic designer directly via You are also welcome to visit us in Potsdam-Babelsberg and take a look behind the scenes, we are pleased to welcome you!


Image Resolution

The resolution we recommend for a print file can vary from image to image and depends on several factors, such as viewing distance, material, square footage and motive. Values between 30-120 PPI at a scale of 1:1 are ideal. If you have any further questions about the quality of your print data, please feel free to take a look at our provided data sheet, or contact one of our project managers.


File transfer

You can send us your data in many different ways, by e-mail, CD, DVD or even USB-Stick, but we recommend you to use the free data transfer service of, which allows you to send files up to 2 GB for free. To reduce file sizes, compress multiple files into one zip. folder.

Color Profile

At Big Image we use the “Europe ISO Coated FOGRA39” profile. The adaption to your specific material occours when we rip your original.

The profile should be available in most softwares that support icc-profiles, however if you need to you can download it here.

Download color settings file for Photoshop

Calculate resolution (1:1)

This page can help you find the best resolution when you scan your original. Extra non printed material should not be counted into the total sqm. Note that if you choose to work in a resolution significantly smaller than the suggested one, please ask us if it´s possible or not.

M2 Enter the amount of square meters (ex. 15)
SQ FT Enter the amount of square feet (ex. 150)
DPI Recommended resolution in "dpi"
MB Filesize in "CMYK".
MB Filesize in "RGB".
MB Filesize in black & white "grayscale mode".
Will it be visible?

Height of your printed layout?

MM In millimeters! IN In inches!

Height of your final print?

CM In centimeters! FT In feet!
Your layout enlargement factor X

Pin your printed layout to the wall and observe it from 3 different distances, note the different distances in the fields to the left.
In centimeters or feet!

Very clear:

CM real life Meter

FT real life Yards


CM real life Meter

FT real life Yards

Not adequate:

CM real life Meter

FT real life Yards

Once field to the left has been filled, calculate 2 and read real life values to the right.