American mesh backdrop for Vedova Allegra

LA VEDOVA ALLEGRA (The merry widow)

Teatro Lirico di Cagliari – Cagliari Lyric Theatre
Stage director: Mario Corradi
Stage Designer: Italo Grassi
Coreography: Aurelio Gatti
Costume designer: Anna Bertolotti and Italo Grassi
Director: Sebastiano Rolli

“I will devote my first north american conference to the opposition light-weight, and I will uphold the reasons ​​of lightness”, this is the beginning of the legendary “lezioni americane” (american lessons) that Italo Calvino held at Harvard in 1985. To explain the lightness Calvino use the expression “take off weight “and opposed the lightness of artistic forms to the” weight “of existence.

“The Merry Widow” is precisely this: lightness, levity, elegance, joy. The action takes place in Paris but it has especially the scent of Vienna. A Vienna where is still danced the waltz, but that is already veiled by a hint of sadness, harbinger of its end.

The scenes are of tulle, a light cloth that with the light disappears, the mirrored floor gives lightness to the characters. The costumes are inspired by the great Boldini, fabrics and colors that fade almost impalpable. The spoken dialogues, that make the music heavy, are replaced by a Niegus narrator.

Technical detail: the photographic prints on large format tulle seamless are made by ARTEFATTO – Reggio Emilia (with special print system INFINITUS by Big Image Systems) with water-based colors of cotton fabrics only fireproofed. Metal floor and other built elements manufactured in the theater workshops.