The view from our workplace in Hägernäsviken.

Sustainability demands big thinking in every detail

We strive to create the biggest possible impression with the smallest possible negative footprint. Environmental considerations and social responsibility – through technological progress and business culture – are woven into every aspect of Big Image.

We are also dedicated to making positive contributions to the communities in which we operate. 

We interact with compassion and respect in relation to employees, clients, and business partners. 

We collaborate with universities and colleges to develop educational programs, support faculty and student projects, and host field trips. We also offer internships in our studios to assist newly arrived forreign-born in accessing the job market. 

We consider the potential environmental impact of every step, from design, production, shipping, installation, storage all the way to the recycling process. Our operations are carbon-neutral and ISO 14001 certified. We offer eco-certified materials and printing methods that use water-based inks. Listening closely to our clients enables us to meticulously achieve their objectives by constantly refining our fabrication process – at the same time as it helps eliminate unnecessary waste. We also recommend the use of new inks, materials, techniques and technologies that achieve our clients’ artistic visions while minimizing any negative impact on the environment.

ISO14001/ISO9001 Certification Sweden
ISO14001 Certification Germany
ISO9001 Certification Germany