Welcome to a new era of bigger-and-better-than-ever, large format, seamless prints on fabric. Big Image loves being innovative and our invention of the Infinitus printer proves this! We introduced this proprietary technology in 2013 and have been constantly improving its capabilities since then. Our Infinitus printers are the only ones in the world capable of digitally producing grand format, seamless prints on soft materials up to 600 square metres in size—or approximately 12×50 metres or 40×150 feet. This makes Infinitus a game changer!

Think big - think infinitus

The world's largest digital printer

We have developed Infinitus for you who are in need of backdrops, stage decor and backgrounds without seams in sizes up to 12x50 meters

A big game changer

Discovering a need and inventing Infinitus

Our clients had such wonderfully imaginative ideas about how to use gigantic, seamless fabric prints to create spectacular scenery and décor that we began researching a way to render their visions real. Big Image’s engineers collaborated with researchers at the Technical University of Berlin (TU) for three years to invent Infinitus.

Infinitus can print on one or both sides of cotton fabric. It uses water-based, biodegradable inks that achieve ultra-rich colors and deep, dark blacks. Infinitus prints 600 squaremetres seamlessly, which corresponds to approximately 12×50 metres (approx. 40×150 feet).

Demand exceeds all expectations

As knowledge about the capabilities of Infinitus spread, demand for the large-scale, seamless prints it produces skyrocketed. In 2014, we established a collaboration with entertainment industry leader, Rosco, and soon began plans to bring a second Infinitus online in Berlin.

In the half decade since we first solved the problem of being able to produce seamless, large format, digital images for stage décor, we have produced thousands of prints for clients all over the world. The demand for this is greater than we ever imagined.

Creating Large Format Experiences

The Cotton Fabric Preparation Machine

Cotton fabric, which is made of warp and weft threads, must be properly prepared before it is printed. The warp threads run lengthwise—up and down—a roll of fabric, while the weft threads run in a transverse pattern—back and forth—across the warp. Since the cotton threads must have identical distances between each other to print a straight motif, Big Image. together with TU (Technical University of Berlin), developed the Cotton Fabric Preparation Machine.

Amplifying impact with double-sided prints

From Infinitus, we took another leap forward by developing the Translight Fabric Series to preserve the color saturation of backlit drops and enable theater and event professionals to achieve a range of effects by varying the way a single fabric print is illuminated. Read more about Translight Fabric, Translight Day-to-Night and Translight Magic.

More innovations by Big Image


Double the experience with Translight Magic. The product is a cotton based fabric with one image printed on the frontside and another image printed on the back.


Our sound absorbers allow you to create a better sound environment without losing decorative attractiveness. We call it acoustic decor.


FlexiT is the proprietary system we developed for displaying big pictures produced on soft materials. We recommend using FlexiT when you don’t want to be limited by ceilings or walls

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