About us

At Big Image, we always think outside the framed picture. We are proud to offer the latest in printing technology and printers developed by us that are unique in the world. If you like, we can also help you throughout the entire process – from initial idea to finished image. With our extensive technical knowledge, craftsmanship and artistic expression we have created services and innovations to handle any requirements.

No matter if you need an image of a few square meters or want to make an entire warehouse look like a giant cake; we have the experience to fit your needs at the highest quality possible.

Big Image was among the first in the world to print large images on flexible material. Today we are one of the leading companies in Europe producing large image communication and have the entire world as a canvass.

We see ourselves as an inspiration for large and small customers alike. This means that we also strive to strengthen large image communication as a medium. If no solution exists we will invent one, no matter if it means new appliances for mounting, visual presentation systems or software drivers for the printers. We also work to continually develop our award-winning techniques.

We always try to break free from the regular image frame. With the combination of knowledge and service we make big image ideas even bigger.