Kännbart – An exhibition for all senses

Kännbart is a tactile exhibition that allows you to experience art in a new way – without sight and hearing. The project has been out on tour for over two years in different cities around Sweden and is now back in Stockholm. The exhibition will be shown at “Swedish Museum of Performing Arts” between the 7th of September until the 13th of October. The word “Kännbart” is a Swedish word for something that can be felt, touched or sensed.

Art has a unique ability of reaching the inner self of us. The art project Kännbart explores the experiences of art and communication without hearing or vision. Vision represents 80% of our senses. Hearing represents 10–15%. How can we work with art when these two senses are not included? Kännbart explores expressions together with people with deafblindness.

Big Image got the opportunity to help the artist Nadja Ekman with her beautiful piece including different materials for creating illusions of various objects.

We used the material Jutex for wood, Rolltex 229 for the background and Velour for the moss. Real hair, a belt and trousers were used on the woman making the art possible for anyone to experience, no matter what senses you have or lack.

The target group of the exhibition is individuals with deafblindness, people with vision and hearing impairment. At the same time, it is an opportunity for anyone to meet art with new senses, anyone who is interested in experiencing art in a new way.

Seven contemporary artists have created six new unique art pieces. The art pieces for this project will be addressed to a spectrum of senses normally not in focus at the art scene.

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