A conversation with Expohouse

Nordbygg, Sweden’s largest convention for the construction and real estate industry, was held earlier this year at “Stockholmsmässan”. Expo House worked with Big Image to deliver six exhibition stands for the event, all with highly detailed specifications and unique visual effects. Many of the projects consisted of large format prints to light boxes. Big Image went over to Expo House for an interview with Nils Englund (Department Manager – Sales), Olle Henningson (Department Manager – Exhibitions & Events) and Jonas Liljebäck (CEO)!

What is most important for you when working with a supplier like Big Image?
Above all, delivery reliability is most important. After that, quality is very important for us as our customers expect the very best. We share many core values with Big Image which makes it possible for us to deliver on time and the superior quality our clients expect. We also want to know what’s going on in the market and what’s new to be able to inspire our customers.


What challenges did you encounter that we could help you with?
Nordbygg is an exhibition where there are a lot of different types of prints and light boxes, so Big Image helped fulfill a broad spectrum of clients’ needs. Equally critical were fast delivery, high-quality, and flexibility in case of a last-minute change. Some light boxes required true black in the images, something we’ve found that only Big Image as a supplier can deliver.

Do your customers value large image prints without seams?
It is very important to print large images seamlessly — especially for light boxes. At Expo House, we see ourselves as a high-quality solution provider, so rarely choose a solution to our customers with seams.

Some tips on how to stand out with aluminum systems?
The use of textile fabric for aluminum systems is the new standard for event design and the crisp, dazzling effect of backlit images and light boxes is what’s needed at trade shows and events to stand out. We often work with Big Image for seamless large format images that we cannot produce ourselves. On several occasions we’ve used Big Image’s own aluminum system, FlexiT, which we believe is a great solution.