286 square meters large drop on cotton cloth

For the production of Fanny and Alexander at Dramaten Big Image got the opportunity to print a seamless 26x11m drop on cotton cloth. A couple of years ago they hand painted the exact same image for the scenography. The only thing that was saved from that time was a piece of image which they brought to us. Big Image photographed it and created an artwork we were able to digitally print. So, from that photo we created a 26x11m printed image!

Fanny and Alexander is a story about staying in the magic of childhood and keeping the demanding adult world at bay. The director was Stefan Larsson, who’s one of Dramaten’s most diligently hired directors, who also acted in this production.

Director Stefan Larsson
Scenographer Rufus Didwiszus
Costumes Nina Sandström
Light Torben Lendorph
Photos Dramaten