150 sqm of Lightbox Experience at Kulturhuset!

When Kulturhuset, the Cultural Centre of Stockholm, closed for renovation for 1,5 years to come, Big Image helped to create a big message that is seen from the façade of the building. Responsible for the project is Blomquist agency, known for their creative and inspiring campaigns. The lightbox experience consists of more than 150 sqm of lightboxes with an image that inspires the people of Stockholm and its visitors to visit the other cultural centres around the city to enjoy the performances and cultural activities. The City Commissioner of Stockholm lit all the lightboxes at the same time the week before Christmas. The days before the release Big Image and installers were on site to install the lightboxes.

The lightboxes are manufactured at Big Image in Täby, Stockholm. The LEDs’ are hand mounted and provide a strong and colour neutral light without shadows in the image. Both back cover and image cover are mounted by fastening a strip made of recycled polyester in the cuts of the aluminium frame. The lightboxes are lightweight and can easily be moved around to form new messages and constellations by changing the cover images. All you need is a power outlet.

Installing image on a lightbox

LED carpet on a lightbox

Material for 7 lightboxes takes up minimal space

Above: Lightbox material for a whole floor – seven lightboxes packed on one trolley! The diodes are mounted on a flexible material, which means that one lightbox can be delivered in a paper tube. This makes the transport of Big Image’s lightboxes easy and cost effective.

Closeup of Lightbox Image with heart at Kulturhuset