“100% fight – The History of Sweden” at The Swedish History Museum

The exhibition “100% fight – The History of Sweden” will be displayed at The Swedish History Museum until December 9th 2018. Big Image have been part of the process by printing images on wallpaper. We got the opportunity to ask some questions to Susanna Zidén, project leader, and Pernilla Tenje, Production leader, about the design and the receiving of the exhibition.

How have you been working with the design and set design of the exhibition?

The exhibition “100% fight – The History of Sweden” is a touring exhibition, and Tekla Eveleina Severin has been working with the design and colors for the exhibition.

On every new touring location we have always added something to the original exhibition. In these cases, we’ve worked from Tekla’s colors and design expression. Her ideas about the demonstration placards and strong colors and light, are whishes from several organizations that have contributed to the exhibitions. We’ve worked a lot with images and photos for this exhibition, and the light pink color is the base color we’ve been working with. The light pink color symbolizes one of the stories in this exhibition, but is also a color that’s been a symbol for several groups which rights have been questioned through history.

What has the response been for “100% fight – The History of Sweden”?

We have gotten a lot of PR from several Swedish newspapers, radio and trade magazines. The response has been mixed, the main criticism is that the exhibition can be perceived as fostering, others think it is inspiring and strongly touching. Common to all medial features is that the exhibition is surprising with new knowledge and engages the visitors. High schools, which is one of the exhibition’s target groups, has shown great interest, and the bookable sessions this spring are basically fully booked.

Big Image has produced a lot of printed images on different materials and fabrics to The Swedish History Museum to their ongoing exhibitions, and we were curious to know what they appreciate with our cooperation!

When it comes to exhibitions at The Swedish History Museum, is there something particular you appreciate with Big Image as supplier?

We really appreciate the flexibility of all our variation of orders – sometimes we need detailed artwork from you, other times you’ve been supportive to our graphic designers. Being able to collaborate on so many different levels is invaluable. We also appreciate your quality awareness when it comes to material selection, and your lowest level is very high. Then you have been fantastic and able to produce and deliver nice products in sometimes very short amount of time.

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