Theatre & Opera

We'd like to help you provide your audience with just the feeling you'd like to create for them. We strive to adopt our techniques to fit all types of stages where wide format prints are suitable. We work with a wide range of materials in order to accommodate your needs.


Up to 12x50 meters in one piece

Print 12x50 meters in one piece

We built a machine that can print 12 x 50 meters in one piece. This type of print is excellent when your drop should be backlit, and maybe your stage setting require that the backdrop can be lit with projections as well. In short, having your backdrop in one piece makes it all look better. No disturbing seams in the final result.

Scenography with print and projections

Rear projection for stage settings

To combine wide format set design with projection is a popular approach among set designers. We use a cotton fabric that can be printed in one piece 12 x 50 meters in order to avoid disturbing seams.


Scenery on mesh

Scenery for stage on mesh

Scenery printed on veils, such as Sharktooth scrim, can with correct lighting turn from fully visible to invisible. At Big Image we have developed a machine that make it possible to print on most set designers prefered materials.


Custom flooring for stage

Photo of custom flooring for stage

There are times when even the stage floor is used as an active part in the set design, often with the help of printed carpets. If you need a carpet appropriate for your dance performance, this is not a problem. We print many dance mats with brilliant results both for set design, and dancer.

Printed stage curtain

Printed stage curtain

The curtain of a theater stage is normally a part of the theater's interior, usually the same regardless of the performance shown. Every now and then we get to print a stage curtain or a velvet curtain for theaters and operas. It could be that you want the curtain to match the running show or maybe the old one has lost it's originally vibrant colors and need to be renewed or reproduced.

Hanging set decor

Photo printed large format curtain for stage

When you want to be creative for your upcoming set design you should turn to us. We have a wide variety of diffrent materials for you to choose from, and we have had the privilege to work with many set designers enough to know that there is always something special to consider with the next set design to be produced.