TV studio

One of the areas we excel in is the television production industry. From simple backgrounds and look outs to advanced studio sets with new backdrop techniques along with traditional set design. We can help with true nature, fabric curtains up to 12 meters high and unlimited width with no visible seams. The scenery is easy to handle and there is no reflection in the images. They are easy to set up and take down and can be stored in small spaces.

Studio decor for walls

Studio decorated with large format prints

Large format for the studio walls tend to be a popular and easy way to create a nice and clear profile for your talkshow. There is a wide range of materials available to choose from depending on what you want to achieve. They range from very transparent veils for nice see thru effects to completely opaque to shut out disturbing sources of light.

An extra studio wall

An extra studio wall with FlexiT

Are you missing a wall in your studio, or is it just a little too square? Then our display system FlexiT could be part of the solution. With FlexiT you can build straight or curved studio walls in the height and length you need and without any tools.

Day and night scenery for the studio

Day and night scenery for the studio

Are you in need of a window scenery for your studio, maybe something like a skyline? We specialize in just that! Would you also like to be able to switch from day mode to night mode in a realistic way without having to change the backdrop? Then you have come to the right place, we can do this and much more.

Printed cyclorama for TV studio

Tv studio with cyclorama

For the bigger talkshows the decor might need to be bigger as well. Then there is always the option to use a panorama backdrop that encircle both the studio audience as well as the talkshow.

Carpets for studio decor

TV studio flooring

Decorate the studio with a carpet printed with the program's logo. Polyamide on top and slip-resistant latex underneath. That is our soft carpet, there is also our Showfloor a vinyl carpet if one would prefer that glossy feeling.