Set decor

Making movies and trick the eye goes hand in hand. With large format printing, we can help you achieve what would otherwise be impossible or too costly.

Windows sceneries

Backdrop scenery in tv studio

That TV series are largely recorded in a studio environment is the cause that makes windows miss a natural view. We can help you to overcome this with a large format printed scenery backdrop on our flame retardant cotton fabric.

Day- and night scenery

Day and night scenery for film

If you need your window backdrop scenery to be able to shift from daylight to night mode, we have just the solution for this. We print the one side with day view and the other side with the "by night view". For this we use the projection foil (also known as rear projection), a substrate that in our opinion well outperform for example DuraTrans, thanks to it's durability.

Panorama backdrops

Sometimes you need more than just a window view in your studio. As an alternative to Croma key and Green screen production, you can have a very large format panorama backdrop as background. One advantage with this alternative is that you will see a very near final result already when filming.

Recreate enviroments and details

Facade exteriors printed on image paper

Need to recreate an environment that is no more or you can't have access to it with the camera? Simulate marble walls and old wallpaper or paintings? Perhaps a tapestry on jute? You may need facade exteriors or print floor with the appearance of cobblestones? All these different applications are possible with some of our standard materials. Please don't hesitate to test your idea with us for your set design in the studio.

Outdoor scenery for set decor

Outdoor scenery for set decor

Outdoors but "not on-location"? If you need scenery for outdoor use this is not a problem. We have several materials that will handle the wind and rain that may occur when you need to work outdoor. There are several materials to choose from for these occasions.