We love to hang in the background! That's what we do best. Let us help you creat a greater look for your stage tour.

The Backdrop

A backdrop for stage

A backdrop is a simple jet powerful way to heighten the impression at a stage appearance. A backdrop serves as stage decor in the form of a large piece of printed fabric, or several smaller, which hangs in the fund or to the side of the stage. Our flame retardant cotton fabric is perfect for concert decor. The colors are fabulous and you get durable backdrop that is easy to tour with. We deliver backdrops that can easily be set up, plucked down and folded for transport over and over again. If you wish we could deliver the backdrop in a handy carrying bag to facilitate transport during tour.

Decor in front of speakers

Decor in front of speakers

That "speaker scrim" or speaker decor should not disturbe the sound is a matter of fact. PA-mesh is a material that is specially developed to serve as side scrim. Another material that works great is Sharktooth scrim, a cotton material with good color rendition, which is durable and therefore well suited to be put up and taken down many times.