Interior decoration

Veils, mats, silk, velvet - decorating with large images give you unlimited possibilities. You can create images for walls or even as room dividers with sound reducing materials. Or how about drapery, lamp shades or roofing tiles? If you like, we can enlarge photos, drawings, paintings or old wallpaper or tapestry patterns and print them as large images.


Custom drapery

Let a semi-transparent curtain on a smooth rail to be part of the interior. The smart suspension divides a room without the feeling of space is lost. Acoustic properties of the fabric creates a light weight and a tranquil atmosphere that makes it interesting from the outside.


Printade curtains

Vary the appearance of the windows with printed panels for a curtain rail, such as IKEA's "Kvartal", or with printed roller blinds printed on an opaque fabric.


Custom blinds

Another effective way to change the character of the window shutters and blinds is with your own design printed on one or both sides. We have printed on both the horizontal and vertical ones. Shutters are often in front of a window, but they can serve as rooom dividers as well.

Decorating the walls

Large format printing for the walls

To brighten the interior with large format prints on the walls is an easy and popular way to create a nice atmosphere for you and your visitors. There are many diffrent solutions for installing your image and we gladly advice you or even install it for you.

Paintings for the walls

Digital printed paintings for decoration

To have beautiful paintings on the walls that tell a story or maybe show your products can be an easy but quite effective way to create atmosphere in otherwise sterile office environments. Ask us and we'll tell you more.

Sound-absorbing panels

Custom printed Sound-absorbing panels

Many offices have a boring environment and problem with acoustics. An easy and stylish way to get rid of this problem is the use of sound-absorbing panels printed with a theme of your choice.

Decorating at home

Decorating at home with large format prints

Looking to decorate your home with large format printing? We can help you decorate beautifully, from floor to ceiling. Print your favorite themes and decorate the walls with paintings on canvas. Have your own special wallpaper design or divide the room with our long curtains of transparent veil. Shut out the sun with opaque roller blinds. Some of our fabrics are washable.

Printed carpet

Printed carpet

Why not decorate the conference or customer room with a carpet printed with the company logo or some other theme that will communicate the feeling you would like to create. Polyamide on top and slip-resistant latex underneath. That is our soft carpet, there is also our Showfloor a vinyl carpet if one would prefer that glossy feeling.