Big sensations, entertainment or knowledge. We help museums to present large images on the walls, floor and ceiling using practical mounting systems - indoors and outdoors. Using transparent materials like thin veil with lighting from different directions can create exciting effects. We are by your side the whole way from preparation of original to final installation, and can print on a number of different materials using our own digital technology.

Exhibitions "in-house"

Large format decor for in-house exhibitions

If you're not going out on a tour, there are probably more possibilities to choose from when creating your exhibition. We've had the privilege to produce a substantial amout of square meters over the years, and we still get excited when someone is able to steer us on to something we haven't tried yet. Try us!

The flooring as a part of the exhibition

Floor used as a part of the exhibition

That your exhibition is standing on a floor is to be expected. Bear in mind though, that you can also tell your story on the very same surface where your visitors are wandering through the exhibition, on the floor it self. This can be done with printed floor mats, and if the wear and tear is excpected to be extreme there is always the possibillity to encapsulate your print with laminae.

Backlit for exhibition

Backlight images for exhibition

Backlit images for your exhibition are excellent mood creators and helps put the focus just where you want it to be. Maybe just the kind of attention you wish for the visitors of your exhibition?


Large format print on Lycra

Great emotion, entertainment or knowledge. We help museums to produce large format decor to walls, floors, ceilings and practical display systems. Indoors and outdoors. With transparent materials as thin veils or completely opaque ones and everything in between.

Exhibition "on-tour"

Exhibition on tour built with FlexiT

With your input we can help you achieve a traveling exhibition. Our own display system, FlexiT is perfect for a traveling exhibition as it can take almost any shape. It is possible to build long, straight or curved exhibition walls. The height is adjustable up to 3 meters in standard mode, but still it is possible to go higher if necessary. No tools are needed when installing and the solid construction makes it suitable for traveling exhibitions.