Trade shows

We help you get the notice you need at a trade show. With exciting images on the walls, ceiling and the floor – you are sure to catch everyone’s eye. Choose from materials such as cotton, polyester, velvet and many others that help strengthen your message. There are no visible seams because of the large size of our printers. Velcro, aluminum tubing, loops and other features make life easier when you mount and remove the images. If you like, we can even handle the entire installation process for you.

The walls of the exhibition stand

Draping the walls of the exhibition stand

The walls surrounding your exhibition stand are excellent spaces for company branding and information on new products. We can help you choose from a wide range of materials, and which to avoid to conform with applicable rules for flame retardance.

Custom flooring

Carpet for branding

If you want to use your floor space at the tradeshow to communicate your message with a custom carpet, or just get that exclusive look by integrating the floor in the overall design of your stand, we can help. We have several different carpets appropriate for different purposes.

Hanging banners at the fair

Hanging banners at the trade show

The space above your exhibition stand might work as an excellent area for advertising. Our sewing department will make the pockets necessary on your banner so that it can be hung in straight and good looking manner.

Backlit for the fair

Backlight for tradeshow

One way to grab the attention of people passing by at the fair is by using backlit large format printing. This will surely help your exhibition stand to be seen. We can deliver very large backlight images without any joints, which can be seen so clearly when the image is illuminated from behind.

Large format prints for lamps

Large format prints installed as a cylinder

Cylindrical installations working both as lamps and advertising at the tradeshow is a popular solution. For the end result to look good sewing and installation have to be done with the outmost precision. This we do.


Large format in different shapes

We love large format decor in any shape and figure. Maybe it's just what your fair tour needs. We have the knowledge to help you realize your idea, spherical shapes, sails and balloons or packaging.

FlexiT for trade shows

Large format printing installed with FlexiT at tradeshow

FlexiT is a display system for large images developed by us. If it should be that the more common popup's and rollup's aren't enough or you may want to do something a little less square. FlexiT might very well be the solution to your wish.

Large format printing for ceilings

Large format printing for ceilings

The reuirements on flame retardance is luckily a big issue at the tradeshow, even more so if you want to use the ceiling for large format decor. If your exhibition stand happends to stand right under a sprinkler this does not exclude the possibilities working with large format printing for the ceiling. There is a material for just this purpose.