Public events

Let big images make you event even bigger. We have a lot of experience making events like openings, conferences, parties, seminars, fashion shows and more, extra special. Large images on flexible materials let you create a graphic framework, to add feeling, to entertain and to give information. For images that will be displayed on the floor we have a pliable mounting system. The images can hang straight, at an angle, draped or in a circle as a room within a room. Walls, ceiling or floor, indoors or out, anything is possible. We can assist you with qualified services all the way from initial idea to final installation. Originals, copyright permissions, installation and much, much more.

Communicate with decor

Decor for conference and seminar

At the conference or seminar you have the opportunity to let the decor do some of your work or rather enforce it. By letting the decor communicate your message you will get through more clearly.

Decor for festival


Is there a theme or branding for your festivities, or perhaps both. Make sure your visitors notice and at the same time create a nice atmosphere and frame for your festival.

Printed mats

Printed carpet for public events

Google Earth is fun. The same feeling will arise with an aerial photo printed on a mat showing your visitors surroundings. It creates an intriguing feeling for visitors to cross their own city with just a few steps. People simply can not fail to check if their house can be seen, or perhaps even their car. This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to be seen! If it should be installed outdoor your carpet should be a flooring to better stand the extrem wear and tear.

Dress up your tent

Decorate your tent with wide format prints

Would you like to be more visible on the festival area. Dress up your tent with large format decor, inside or outside. Our competent sewing department will accurately read your drawings for perfect finish.

Banners for sport events

Advertising with banners on sport event

Whenever there is a big sportevent there are sponsors who need to be seen. For these occasions large format printing excels, regardless there should be several smaller banners or one super sized banner that cover the back of the grandstand for the crowd.

FlexiT a display system for branding

FlexiT in a shopping mall

FlexiT is a good option if you do not have a wall or may not use the walls that exist for your large format decor. It is installed without any tools and leaves no trace when it's time to leave. FlexiT can stand freely on the floor and be seen from both sides.