Corporate events

Annual meetings for example are great occasions for you to strengthen your message. Large images on the walls, ceiling or floor allow you to do everything from displaying your logotype to creating a very special mood for the meeting. Loud speaker curtains, curved exhibition systems with lighting or maybe a world map on the floor will help companies speak to the human senses. Tell us your ideas and we can take them all the way to reality – from original to final installation.

Backdrops for the platform or stage

Stage decor for corporate events

There are many potential solutions with large format printing to communicate your company profile and announcements. We can help with printed stage decor such as a backdrop to the annual report meeting. Customizing the print to fit big screens or even produce large format projection screens is something we can help you with.

The room

Build a room with large format printing

We have decorated everything from municipal meeting rooms to empty storage buildings. A popular way to create atmosphere is to do a room wrap, draping a whole room with large format printing. It can also be unprinted panels of fabric, where our our sewing department work effectively to get every detail right. If you have to much space, make a comfy room with FlexiT, our display system.

Custom flooring

Supersize custom carpet for corporate event

Sometimes it is possible to use the floor space. A printed carpet with your own design perhaps? Or why not just let the floor decor be an extension of the decor that hangs from the ceiling or the walls. We have different carpets to choose from. Glossy or non-glossy, extra coating for prolonged durability.

Is it time to celebrate?

Large format printing for anniversary

Is time for an anniversary and you want it to show? If so there are many opportunities for us to help. It could be building graphics or decor for press conferences. Maybe you want to throw a party that will be re membered long after the last guest has left. Why not decorate your celebration with large format printing may it be for the walls, ceilings or floors.


We have over the years been acting as project managers for both scenes and rooms. If we get access to the facilities we can jointly inspect the site and make suggestions on how large format printing might best work for you and your event. Our installation team likes to travel, so no places are out of reach.