FlexiT is our own system for mounting large images printed on soft material. It makes it much easier for you to present large image experiences. No matter where you want the images - shops, trade shows, TV studios, film sets or theatres. FlexiT’s advantages are in its name – very simple and very flexible. You can mount images quickly and easily without tools and can set everything up to the size you want. You can choose from soft curves to sharp angles with images on the front and back side.

FlexiT with one post

FlexiT can carry your large format print with only one pole. The longer width, to be held up, the more posts. The distance between the posts should be about 200 cm. Is the image wider you should therefore have an additional post and so on.

FlexiT with several posts

FlexiT installation with several posts

If your image is wider than 2 meters you will need more than one post. The increase of 1 post for every 2 meters is necessary for your large format print to hang in a straight manner.

For event and exhibition

The brilliant display system

FlexiT thrive in many contexts. For your exhibition stand at the fair or your event set to the mall, or when building an exhibition wall at the museum. FlexiT can change shape and change format for all occasions.

FlexiT installation with curves

Flexit installition with curves

Not only can you make very long installations with FlexiT. Our display system also allow you to build nice rounded turns. With the help of a rolled aluminum rail you can get the roundness that you wish.

Aluminum rail or RolliT

RolliT or aluminum rail for your FlexiT

If your FlexiT system should be a curved one this require a solution with rolled aluminum rails. For a straight FlexiT wall we recommend RolliT. RolliT is a rail that can be rolled up, when trasported or not in use to take up as little space as possible.

Build a room with FlexiT

Build a room with FlexiT

Sometimes the room does not fit the purpose of your event. A wall or two may be missing or the room might just be to big. FlexiT solves it in a snap. If there is no need for large format prints, FlexiT works just fine for installing unprinted fabrics as well. Tell us about your idea so that we togehter can work out the best solution for you!


Installation of Flexit

FlexiT consists of telescopic poles which are connected at the top with a rail. To stretch your large format print from top to bottom you will also need a rail at the bottom. The posts can be set along a wall or stand freely on the floor. No tools are necessary for installation and when you pack up and leave you will leave no marks due to your installation.

FlexiT - when?

FlexiT - installing wide format prints

FlexiT comes into its own when you need something bigger, more or less square than the most commonly used portable display systems. FlexiT can be anything from a straigth wall to a winding snake of any length and height. We know you want to travel as light as possible. With FlexiT you can easily build a wall that is 20 m long, 3 meters high and still fit it all in an ordinary station wagon. Would you rather have it delivered directly to the fair, then that's not a problem either.