We can help you create images with unusual shapes. Sometimes the motif must be spherical or perhaps arched like when we print on a sail or a large balloon. We can also handle cubes, pyramids, cylinders and figure adapted motifs are also possible. Using our own computer software to manage the details, it is only your imagination that sets the limit. As in all of our customized services we are there to help every step of the way from initial idea to final reality.

Backlit outdoor

Outdoor backlit large format print

A backlit large format print is an excellent eyecatcher especially during the dark hours. The backlight boxes are well situated along road sides and busy hubs and they measure 6-12 meters.

Backlit sign on facade

Backlit sign on facade

Light boxes are equally appropriate on the facades as along the roadside. A backlit sign over the entrance can provide a warm and welcoming impression.

Backlit for indoor

Backlight-bilder i butiken och varuhuset

Working with backlit images in the store is a great way to communicate campaigns to target customers attention your way. Backlight photos as entrance sign is a brilliant move when you want increase your visibility.

Backlit for exhibition

Backlight images for exhibition

Backlit images for your exhibition are excellent mood creators and helps put the focus just where you want it to be. Maybe just the kind of attention you wish for the visitors of your exhibition?

Backlit for the fair

Backlight for tradeshow

One way to grab the attention of people passing by at the fair is by using backlit large format printing. This will surely make your exhibition stand to be seen. We can deliver very large backlight images without any joints, which can be seen so clearly when the image is illuminated from behind.

Day- and night print

Day- and night print

If you need your window backdrop scenery to be able to shift from daylight to night mode, we have just the solution for this. We print the one side with day view and the other side with the "by night view". For this we use the projection foil (also known as rear projection), a substrate that in our opinion well outperform for example DuraTrans, thanks to it's durability.

Backligth balloons

Balloonlamps with custom print

We manufacture printed balloons with lamps inside. Choose to let the balloons hang from the ceiling as lamps or to place them on the floor in a rack.

Custom backlight boxes

Under water backlight

If you can't find the particular type of light box you are looking for we can help you to build it. Once we even got to build a backlight box to be used under water. In other words nothing is impossible.